Attention All Disabled Military Service Personnel

The management of ISeeYouCare is proud to announce new groundbreaking capabilities and features for our philanthropy program called the Virtual Lifetime Personal Health Record (VLPHR) for disabled veterans.

Not only is every disabled military veteran provided with a Free Lifetime Subscription to the newly named VLPHR Portal as originally rolled out in 2014. The new portal includes the ability to retrieve (Fetch) medical records from the VA’s existing Vista Records System as used at over 1,200 VA facilities. But that’s not all; the system also retrieves medical records from over 85% of the nation’s hospital systems as well.

Additionally, and most notably, the new records system includes a mobile version called My Veterans Health Mobile in both IOS and Android.

This is our way of saying:

"Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. May God richly bless you and yours all the days of your life".


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Veteran Returning Home

Just like it’s civilian based model My eMHR, the VLPHR Portal has been specifically developed to provide every veteran with the right of ownership and access to their medical records and associated information.

The VLPHR was intended to be an acronym for Virtual Lifetime Personal Health Records system. And of course, ‘Veterans’ are a name we give to those special men and women who have served our country and demonstrated:

Veteran Returning Home

V = Valor
L = Loyalty
P = Patriotism
H = Heroism
R = Respect

“For God and Country”

Veteran Returning Home

Valuation of Having a Subscription

"The value of having your medical history information available in an emergency can mean the difference between life and death in a worst-case scenario, or simply, prolonged recovery in other situations. The value of "information" about your allergies, what medications you're taking, past surgical procedures you've undergone, past or present illnesses' you've been diagnosed with, or simply relevant issues about your family's health history are all vital pieces of information that care providers need to know!"

COL Glen N. Feather, M.D.

Disabled Military Veteran

We the People,
Thank you for your
Service and Sacrifice

Veteran memorial with mother and child.

Clinical Overview of the VLPHR Solution (Secure HIPAA Compliant Data Repository)

  • Demographic Information
  • Emergency Information
  • Profile Photo
  • History of Procedures to include Results
  • History of Previous Illness and Conditions
  • Surgical History
  • Activities/Social History
  • Pregnancy Status
  • Family History
  • Allergies: Drug, Food and Environmental
  • Patient Directives (Living Wills etc.)
  • Medications Listing (Active & Inactive)
  • Immunizations and Date
  • Master Problem List
  • Lab and Diagnostics Results
  • History of Encounters with Physician notes
  • Home Health Management w/ Remote Monitoring & Intervention
  • Longitudinal Care Plan (Actions & Instructions)
  • Supporting Medical Files to include Imaging, Report Findings, Lab Results etc. (Solution includes a Native Generic DICOM Imaging Viewer)
Doctor reviewing medical data.

Other Functionality of the VLPHR Portal and Veterans Health Mobile App

  • Legacy Systems Interoperability (Bi-Directional using HL7 C-CDA)
  • HIPAA and 2014 Stage II MU Compliant
  • eTelehealth Capable (Patient to Physician and Physician to Patient)
  • ISeeYouNow HD Video Conferencing
  • Symptoms Checker - Differential Diagnosis
  • Medical Resource Library to include Patient Education
  • Share Medical Records with Care Providers 5 Secure Methods (See Note 1)
Veteran and her family

Note 1 - Solution never “sends the actual data”. The Physician is brought to the data with the ability to view and download
Note 2 – The Data never resides on a user Mobile device. The App uses API’s from which to pull the data from the cloud-based repository to the user mobile device.

Examples of “Veterans Health Mobile” on an iPhone 10 (6 of 58 Screens)


Major Milestone

The My Health Mobile App and the Veterans Health Mobile both represent an achievement for which Microsoft and Google failed in achieving and for which Apple has been attempting to achieve for four years and counting. All in all, the My eMHR and VLPHR Longitudinal Personal Health Record Systems ability to be seamlessly interoperable with the VA, DOD and the private healthcare system marks the end of a technological mission by the DOD and VA to the benefit of our active duty and you, our Veterans for over twenty years.

Thank You Once Again for Your Service!!!



  • Medical Records Mgmt.
  • File Management
  • Patient's Report(s)
  • Transmit Records via Email
  • Medical Resources
  • DICOM Viewer
  • My Scheduler
  • ISeeYouNow
  • My Health Mobile App
  • My Health Vitals Mobile App
  • My RESP Check Mobile App
  • My Home eHealth App
  • Unlimited Storage Allowance
  • My eTeleHealth Portal
  • My Symptoms Checker
  • Fetch My Records
  • All Apps in iOS and Android